Student Central @ BHCC

A student centric space for students and administration

Re-Invent student/administration interaction by creating an inviting flexible administrative customer service environment, where students can simply walk right up for help.

Re-invigorate the campus environment by creating a welcoming front desk and a new vibrant free flowing main entrance with flexible spaces for student gathering and events. The space matches the vibrant energy of the College’s diverse energetic commuter student body.

Reinforce campus community The space fosters impromptu interactions by taking advantage of the pedestrian traffic flowing through the space and providing a campus lounge area where students can congregate during down time and are likely to casually run into friends, colleagues and faculty.

“If you wait here long enough, you’ll run into everyone on campus.”

Bunker Hill Community College brought GRA in to modernize one of the most important spaces on campus. The existing Building B lobby had been underutilized and laid out to support the older method of student interaction with ample space dedicated to queuing lines and waiting areas. Modern online registration and campus management systems have presented BHCC with an opportunity to reclaim space and transform the main entrance to their campus and the entire way students interact with the administration.

The existing building B serves as: 1) The main entrance to the entire campus which thousands of students pass through each day; 2) the main student and administration interaction point for all campus services from Bursar to Registrar; 3) the default gathering space. The goal of the College: Transform the space to a new, welcoming student center for students to interact with administration and each other in a casual organized setting. Flexibility, visibility, and accessibility were critical goals of the College, as was reclaiming and re-purposing space to serve their modern diverse student body. The project re-invents the way the college interacts with administration and re-brands the entire student experience.

  • A long transaction counter creates a welcoming and approachable presence for the administration in the space with capacity to staff up for high volume periods or special events but is also capable of being staffed by only one individual if necessary.

  • Individual podium style desks allow students to walk up to staff trained to resolve their issue on an appointment basis if their issue cannot be handled online. With proximity to the lounge space there is no need for a traditional waiting area, or queuing line, rather students can spend time in the study area or grabbing a snack while waiting for their appointment respecting both student and staff time.

  • The re-organized administrative “back office” areas are near by but not visually connected allowing staff to be close enough to resolve issues if necessary.

This exciting and colorful design has set the standard for future renovations at the campus.

The project is currently under construction, with construction expected to be complete summer 2019.


Modern Education in Prominent Facility

At Fitchburg State University:

Historic Prestige and Modern Education
GRA’s design maintains historic legacy and creates modern home for premier business school.

GRA’s approach is two fold: 1) Rejuvenate the existing historic character of the existing building and 2) Craft modern spaces which serve the University’s evolving student body, and support Fitchburg State’s sophisticated teaching methods.

GRA master planned and designed a multi-phase renovation of the historically significant Percival Hall Building on the main University quadrangle. This important building served as the original teaching elementary school for Fitchburg State’s renowned education program where teachers learned through practice educating elementary school students on campus. The marquise education program’s elementary school has moved to a new home on campus and Percival Hall is now being transformed into the new home for FSU’s premier business school.

The project is currently wrapping up construction on phase 2 with phase 3 currently in design.


GRA is hiring!

GRA has been growing and is currently looking for energetic, design oriented professionals to join our office. We have two positions currently open. See our careers page for details.

GRA is a growing creative architecture practice with a 30 year focus on creating innovative spaces for higher education, research, and institutions throughout New England.  Our award winning design stems from our creative and collaborative studio environment which encourages all team members to be involved in all aspects of the design process.

We are always looking for new creative professionals to join our team and are always interested in hearing from professionals who are interested in our firm. If you are interested in employment at GRA please forward your resume, cover letter and work samples to for consideration.

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