Modern Education in Prominent Facility

At Fitchburg State University:

Historic Prestige and Modern Education
GRA’s design maintains historic legacy and creates modern home for premier business school.

GRA’s approach is two fold: 1) Rejuvenate the existing historic character of the existing building and 2) Craft modern spaces which serve the University’s evolving student body, and support Fitchburg State’s sophisticated teaching methods.

GRA master planned and designed a multi-phase renovation of the historically significant Percival Hall Building on the main University quadrangle. This important building served as the original teaching elementary school for Fitchburg State’s renowned education program where teachers learned through practice educating elementary school students on campus. The marquise education program’s elementary school has moved to a new home on campus and Percival Hall is now being transformed into the new home for FSU’s premier business school.

The project is currently wrapping up construction on phase 2 with phase 3 currently in design.