Trace Metals Research Laboratory


Umass Amherst


Amherst, MA

All laboratory spaces are unique and highly specific to the techniques, tolerances and preferences of the researchers using the facility. Trace metals laboratories require an additional level of scrutiny for all materials and processes involved in the construction and maintenance of these clean room level facilities. With specific requirements for contamination mitigation and isolation, the trace metals lab is designed to control access and potential contamination from all sources.

This laboratory is designed as a series of clean rooms with increasing clean room ratings. The entry from the corridor is designed with an air lock type function. The first room is the ‘low level’ room for initial work and processing. The ‘high level’ lab is for sample processing and research. The two labs are connected via a doorway for researcher access, and an air lock pass through window box to limit air transfer.

Heavy acids including hydrofluoric acid is in use in the ‘high level’ lab and as a result polypropylene fume hoods, casework and exhaust system with wash-down were specified to stand up to the chemicals.