Percival Hall - Business School Renovation


Fitchburg State University


Fitchburg, MA

GRA master planned and designed this multi-phase renovation of the Percival Hall Building on the main University quadrangle of Fitchburg State University.

The project revitalizes the historically significant former elementary school as the new home for Fitchburg State’s premier business school. Modern case rooms, presentation level class rooms, board room, and lounge space provides modern facilities for Fitchburg State’s modern teaching methods. Academic offices, conference/collaborative spaces and support spaces are all renovated to create an efficient, open and inviting environment for students, staff, and visitors.

The project is currently in construction on phase three to renovate the main second floor classrooms and common areas.

Building M Study


Bunker Hill Community College


Boston, MA

Bunker Hill Community College selected GRA to look at the replacement of the existing ‘Building M’ facility which currently houses the Math department and other academic services. The existing facility is separate from the main academic spaces making it better used for support services than for core academic programs. The study proposes a two story facility relocating support functions such as facilities, campus police, receiving, and printing to the first floor of the new facility, with academic offices and meeting spaces above on the second floor. The study also proposes making a new connection to the ‘main street’ promenade corridor which runs the entire campus resolving the connection issue., creating a gathering ‘lounge’ space at the connection point.